Mwape Peer Awards 2021 Nominations

Mwape Peer Awards NominationsThe 12th annual Mwape Peer Awards 2021 nominations are now open and run through July 31st. As always all nominations will be done online right here on our website. Please use the form below for your nominations.

Nominations are open to all Africans and friends of Africa  from around the world regardless the color of their skin.

While anyone can nominate anyone, we do not accept blind nominations. Please, inform your nominee first about your intention to nominate them and get some required information from them to complete all required fields, if you don’t have that.

Mwape Peer Awards is not a popularity contest. As such only one well written nomination is required per nominee. Refrain from asking multiple people to nominate you. Multiple nominations may negatively affect the nominee’s chance, as the Selection Committee of Peers may only see a poorly written nomination.

Look for unsung heroes and heroines when making a nomination. Chose the appropriate category for your nominee, if you are not sure, ask them where they best fit. Work with your nominee to write and submit a nomination that tells their story within the required number of words.

Resumes and CV’s are not required and may not be used as an alternative to written nomination.

Invitation letters to our sponsors will start going out on May 1st.

Unless otherwise, the 12th Mwape Peer Awards event scheduled for Saturday September 18th, 2021, will be an in person event, following updated CDC, State and local guidelines.

email: or call/WhatsApp: +1-856-577-1036.