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Mwape Peer Awards Founders

Mwape Peer Awards was established in 2010 by Ruth and James Mwape, of New Jersey, USA. This non-profit initiative was part of the couple’s plan to give back to the people by providing a platform to recognize those individuals who, without the benefit of visibility or influence, made a difference through their creativity, energy and sheer tenacity. Initially the prestigious awards were initially given to the Zambian unsung heroes and heroines only, but in 2014, it was opened up to all Africans in and outside Africa.

The 2010 inaugural awards ceremonies were held at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Washington D.C. Central/White House on Rhode Island Avenue on October 20th. The carefully chosen date, also marked James and Ruth’s 20th Wedding Anniversary.

Our Team
Mwape Peer Awards Team James Mwape

James Mwape


Mwape Peer Awards Team Ruth Mwape

Ruth Mwape

Operations Director

Mwape Peer Awards Team Charles Bwembya

Charles Bwembya

Program Director

Mwape Peer Awards Team Mulenga Kabungo

Mulenga Kabungo

Finacial Advisor

Mwape Peer Awards Team Mbumwae SubaSmith

Mbumwae S. Smith

Senior Event Advisor

Mwape Peer Awards Team Edward Mwelwa

Edward Mwelwa

Event Advisor

Margret Phiri

Margret Phiri

Publicity Director

Mwape Peer Awards Team Malita Mbewe

Malita Mbewe

Team Member

Mwape Peer Awards Team Winnie Musonda

Winnie Musonda

Team Member

Mwape Peer Awards Team Evans Kengeke

Evans Kengeke

Team Member

Mwape Peer Awards Peer Team Member Suja Kurian

Suja Kurian

Team Member

Mwape Peer Awards Peer Team Member Simon Powanga

Simon Powanga

Team Member

Mwape Peer Awards Peer Team Member Grace Mukupa

Grace Mukupa

Team Member

Frequently Asked Questions

To promote acknowledgement and recognition of the outstanding efforts by Africans at home and the diaspora.

The Awards ceremony was held on Saturday September 21st, at Scavello’s On The Island in City Island, New York.

Award winners are chosen by the Selection Committee of fellow peers in each category.

No, anyone can attend. A $100 single and $180 couple donation gets you an admission ticket, which includes dinner dance and open bar, plus optional giveaways.

As awards sponsors, James and Ruth do not nominate anyone or participate in the selection process.

Invitation letters are sent to those willing to attend the Awards ceremony at their own expense who needs a US visa to enter the US. The US Consulate makes the final determination as to who gets a visa or not.

No. Blind nominations are not allowed. You will need some information and permission from the prospective nominee to fully complete the nomination.

Yes, media organizations are always welcome.